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Uterine Cancer Awareness Network 

Mission – Our mission is to help raise awareness for uterine/endometrial cancer by informing the public about the disease! We put a special emphasis on communities that are not being informed to make sure that everyone receives equal information! 

Vision- Our vision Is to see everyone informed so lives and fertility are saved. We want everyone informed so they can advocate for themselves to help prevent late diagnosis! Early detection is key! We want to not only raise awareness but provide patient and survivor services to encourage a better outcome for both situations.

Uterine Cancer Awareness Network was founded by Shakeya Allen, a 13-year endometrial cancer survivor diagnosed in 2009. She was only 27 at the time of her diagnosis. She knew nothing about uterine cancer until the day her gynecologist told her that she had it. She made a vow that if she made it through her situation, she was going to make sure everyone knew about the disease. As years passed, she realized that there had not been many changes when it came to uterine cancer awareness, research, or funding so it was time to act! September 26th, 2019, Uterine Cancer Awareness Inc received its approval from the IRS and became a 501c3 non-profit organization to help make a change. 



UCAN is a very small organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing support services to patients and survivors. We use our resources to help facilitate these programs such as our monthly virtual support group and our free awareness seminars available in person or online to groups or organizations! We send out UCAN cares bags to newly diagnosed patients, and we also provide free uterine cancer awareness posters to gynecology in the U.S. We provide support for patients and survivors to help improve their outcome. Supporters help make our mission possible and we thank you in advance! Please join us on our social media platforms! Remember UCAN!

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