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Mission – Our mission is to raise public awareness by informing everyone about uterine cancer!

Vision- Our vision Is to see everyone informed so lives and fertility are saved. To see patients, caregivers, and survivors provided with the support services every patient needs!

Uterine Cancer Awareness Network is an IRS-approved 501c3 nonprofit organization. UCAN is on a mission to bring public awareness to uterine cancer and provide support to patients, survivors, and caregivers!


Although uterine cancer is the most diagnosed form of gynecologic cancer and 4th cancer in women it’s also one of the most underfunded and under-researched cancers! We are on a mission to change that!

UCAN was founded by Shakeya Allen a 12 year endometrial/uterine cancer survivor diagnosed in 2009 at age 27. She was diagnosed with a disease not many know about until the day they are diagnosed just like herself! 

Over the years she realized there hasn't been much progress when it comes to awareness, support, research, or funding so she started UCAN to make sure the support is available so those affected know they can make it!


 To hear her full story and learn more about uterine cancer book a FREE seminar today!

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