Our founder was diagnosed in 2009 at 27 years old. She hadn’t had children and due to her treatment option, she will never be able to have children from her own body. Her body was forced into surgical menopause at such a young age and that has come with its own set of problems.

She always said if she was ever able, she was going to start her own non-profit and make sure to educate everyone she could about uterine cancer. So, September 26th, 2019, UCAN received its approval from the IRS. She wants UCAN to be the change that the uterine cancer community needs.

She is so passionate about her mission that she rides public transportation to take care of UCAN businesses from raising awareness to mailing bags. She is unable to drive due to seizures that started in 2017. But she said seizures, infertility, or no driving will stop me from my life’s mission!

She has endured a lot in this lifetime, but you could not tell from the smile on her face! She keeps everyone around her encouraged! Hear her whole story the things that she has had to endure behind a disease she had never heard of until she was diagnosed.