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Mission – Our mission is to raise public awareness regarding uterine cancer by informing women and teen girls about the disease!

Vision-Our vision is to see every woman and teen girl informed about uterine cancer and women diagnosed provided with support services.











Uterine Cancer Awareness Network was founded because I’m a uterine cancer survivor diagnosed at 27. I suffered with symptoms for years, but I was never evaluated for uterine cancer. My main symptom was abnormal bleeding I would bleed so heavy it would come through my clothes. I expressed that embarrassing information and my concern that something wasn’t right, but my concerns were ignored! I was prescribed birth control pills and told those would fix it!


Because of no awareness I was not informed that abnormal bleeding was a symptom of uterine cancer, so I did not have the knowledge to advocate for myself and sadly in 2009 I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma prior to having children and now infertile. The one piece of advice that I can give is if you feel there is something going on with your body and your concerns are not being addressed get a second opinion your life could depend on it! 









I want to personally say thank you to every person or organization who supports our mission and is determined to help us save lives and support those diagnosed with any form of endometrial/uterine cancer!